Saturday, August 8, 2009

Stargate - is there any truth to its foundation?

I first saw Stargate in 1994. It was a movie that surely left an impression on me, especially since I have been intrigued by astronomy and egyptology pretty much all my life. It is amazing yet quite interesting to know that the pyramids were the shapes that most of the ancient civilizations chose as the shape of their architectural prowess. For instance, the pyramids of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Nubia, Greece, China, MesoAmerica, North America, Roman Empire, Medieval Europe, India.

Though most of the archieologists have proved that all these pyramids were not built at the same time, stating that there could have been knowledge sharing. Also, they have found pyramids in Egypt that show improvements in the engineering techniques used in building the pyramids. The question this brings in is why would the egyptians need to improve on their technique of pyramid building if it had been handed down to them by some "alien" force?

{to be continued}